Welcome to our Pile of the Top-Notch Themes!

This site is made by a team of experienced web developers from Cosmic Hive as a result of a constant need to provide our clients with the best possible themes for their businesses.

It happens very often that from various marketplaces clients purchase a theme that looks amazing on a demo but it is poorly coded and terribly slow on a standard shared hosting platform and this makes our job much more difficult later during development and maintenance.

Choosing a proper theme should be easy and this is why we created ThemePile !

On ThemePile we only publish very best themes that are top of the notch, this means that they are brilliant in terms of design, have clean coding by the best practices of wordpress.org, fast loading speed, SEO optimized.

Both premium and free themes are published here and we will remove themes from our collection once they become outdated or we find critical bugs in them.

Opinions regarding themes that are written on this site are honest and our own for both paid and non-paid listings .

On ThemePile we do not have ads and featured themes because we want to make theme selection more straight forward and less distracting, instead we choose to cover our expenses through affiliate links.

How to publish theme on ThemePile

If you are a theme developer you can contact us to publish your theme on our site for a fee of $150 per theme. It is expected that as we grow this fee becomes higher so now is a right time for you to dive in. At this time we only accept payments via PayPal.

However, your theme will be published ONLY if it meets our standards and with it we will publish our honest opinion on the theme.

You are paying fixed fee only for published themes, this means that if theme is not approved you don’t have to pay anything.

Paid theme submissions will also get removed from our site once they get outdated or if we found that they have critical bugs.
Off course as a paid customer we will first contact you via email and give you 2 (two) weeks to fix the bug or update the theme so that you have chance to react before we remove theme from our listing. There are no refunds for removed themes. Paid theme submissions will in addition get a honest, detailed and longer review.

When contacting us regarding paid theme publishing please make sure to send us link to the theme’s demo, if all looks good we’ll contact you and ask for a theme installation files so that we could test it properly before publishing.

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